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5月 18, 19日 - Pop-up at Utility Canvas
10月 13, 14日 - Sunday Books at Sunday Issue
9月 29日 (or sooner) - Booklet Library reopens at ? ? ?
9月 21-23日 - @ Tokyo Art Book Fair w/ FBL
5月 19-20日 2012 - A PARTICULAR KIND OF HEAVY (pop-up)
5月 15日 2012 - H U R
2月 25日 2012 - Megawords Issue 17 Release (support)

7月 21日 2012 - PH EIGO #7 (3F!)
6月 30日 2012 - PH EIGO #6 (3F!)
6月 9日 2012 - PH EIGO #5 (1F)
5月 26日 2012 - PH EIGO #4
5月 12日 2012 - PH EIGO #4 (3F!)
4月 28日 2012 - PH EIGO #2
4月0 7日 2012 - PH EIGO #1

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Booklet Library at UTILITY Canvas

5月 18, 19日 2013; 12:-18:00PM
〒155-0031 東京都世田谷区 北沢2-28-1 慶水ビル2F (Map)
2-28-1 Setagaya-ku Kitazawa Tokyo 〒155-0031

Utility Canvasにて、2013年最初のポップアップを行います。この度は、図書室に最近ご寄贈頂いたものを沢山選び持っていきます。お知り合いを連れ、新しい作品を持ち寄り、UCの春夏コレクションを観ながら、ドリンクをどうぞ。



Join us at Utility Canvas for the first pop-up of 2013 --

We'll bring along a selection (a lot!) of the recent contributions to the Library. Bring a friend, stop by with new work, see UC's spring/summer line-up, sit and have a drink.

Titles included will be posted here on 18 May. Check back soon . . .

List of titles included, on both or either day.
Cross-ref with index at left:

  • - Jason Overby, Stephen Hayes. Bulletin I,1. Booklet, 2013
  • - Gaudin, Mary. Six Ten. Booklet, 2013
  • - Marco Ugolini. Approximately 50%. Booklet, 2013
  • - Hillhouse, Charlie. Photographs. Small House Books, 2013
  • - Rule, David. Street View. Covered in Toner, 2010
  • - Antonucci, Luca. Fallen Empire II. Colpa, 2013
  • - Beck, Kevin. Untitled. Bottling Fruit, 2013
  • - Beck, Kevin. Untitled. Bottling Fruit, 2013
  • - Beck, Kevin. Untitled. Bottling Fruit, 2013
  • - Carlos, Debbie. Good Morning Music. Self, 2013
  • - Cira, Gabriel Blue and Phi Van Phan (Eds.). Nova Organa #2: p59-110. Self, 2013
  • - Goldsmith, Kenneth. Kenneth Goldsmith: Letter to Bettina Funcke. Hatje Cantz, 2011
  • - Hino, Naohiko, Ayumu Saito, Yusuke Matsuoka, Reiko Nariyama (Eds.). Struggling Cities: from Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s. The Japan Foundation, 2010
  • - Hirayama, Masanao. Clippings About 1 Centimeter. Self, 2012
  • - mono.kultur. #33 Kim Gordon: Dissonatine. mono.kultur, 2013
  • - Ruth van Beek, Topher Mileski, Letha Wilson. A3 Series #3. Lodret Vandret, 2012
  • - Serra Mir, Sergi. Persona (I'm a phantom, you are a phantom). Self, 2010
  • - Serra Mir, Sergi. Pur Pura. Self, 2010
  • - Tsto. A Book of Smileys. Self, 2012
  • - Fujita, Yuka. wavelength. Self, 2011
  • - Handskemager, Jonas Greve. O + (N x S) + Cpm/T + He. Self, 2012
  • - Hernández, Raúl. Así duele un verano. Blackmountain, 2012
  • - Mitsu Sucks. The Sea Makes Fun of Me. Self, 2013
  • - Mohanna, Nickolas. Boundaries. The Ice Plant, 2012
  • - Mok, Ye Rin. Southwest. Book Stand, 2013
  • - Pinto, Carlos C. Natureza, Luz, Homem. Bad Weather Press, 2013
  • - Pires, Facundo. Continente. Vokas/, 2012
  • - Porter, Louis. The Anatomy of Business. Twenty Shelves, 2012
  • - Roura, Robert. Gonzalo's Fanzine. Bad Weather Press, 2013
  • - Saguer Pere. California. Bad Weather Press, 2013
  • - Saguer, Pere. Christopher Discovered America By Mistake. Bad Weather Press, 2013
  • - Scott, Jack Piers. a day without olives is like a day. Corporeal, 2013
  • - split/fountain & Whatever Press. Temporary housing + shelter. Self, 2012
  • - Boske, Kim. Mapping. Self, 2012
  • - Eatock, Daniel. Earth Bound Sky Bound. Automatic Books, 2011
  • - Martins, Afonso & Pedro Cid Proença (Eds.). A Circular #2. A Circular, 2012
  • - Matsumura, Yoshiyuki. Beachtown. Self, 2012
  • - Matsumura, Yoshiyuki. Bonfire. Self, 2012
  • - Matsumura, Yoshiyuki. Getaway. Self, 2011
  • - Matsumura, Yoshiyuki. Troutman St. Self, 2011
  • - Tagada, Johanna. Colletion #2. Self, 2013
  • - Eatock, Daniel. One + 1. Onomatopee, 2012
  • - Franklin, Jimi. home/away. A Perfect Book, 2012
  • - Nosenzo, Chris (Ed.). Packet #001-009. Packet, 2012
  • - Rigole, Jasper and Egon van Herreweghe. Elective Affinities. Self, 2012
  • - Roesing, David. Terror and the Narrative Tendency. Peradam, 2012
  • - Rule, David. Stories. Covered in Toner, 2012
  • - VUU. Volume No.2 - The Things We've Seen. VUU, 2012
  • - Whiles, Virginia. Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Mlle Clouette. The Shelagh Cluett Trust, 2011
  • - Various Authors. Courtesy of artists who do books 2. A.C. Publications, 2012
  • - Amico, Leonardo and Pere Saguer. Food Chain. Badweatherpress, 2012
  • - Burger, Michiel and Max Pinckers. Mamihlapinatapai. Flemish Arts Ctr. 'De Brakke Grond', 2012
  • - Davis, Lola. Legalize Gay. Joanna Ediciones, 2012
  • - Harris, Christopher. Spent. Self, 2012
  • - J.T. African hair cut. Joanna Ediciones, 2012
  • - James Choice. Untitled. Joanna Ediciones, 2012
  • - Kim, Michael. Bicycles. Tramnesia, 2009
  • - Kim, Michael. Lines. Tramnesia, 2011
  • - Kim, Michael. Weeping. Tramnesia, 2009
  • - Lepra, Jimbo. Famous Armed. Joanna Ediciones, 2012
  • - Matthew and Haakon Spencer (eds.). Verities n°2. Verities, 2012
  • - Temporary Services. Mobile Phenomena. Half Letter Press, 2012
  • - Agasi, David. Living with Myself Forgetting. Cold Green Tea Press, 2010
  • - Akum, Fredrik. Five Tears A Year. Self, 2011
  • - Akum, Fredrik. Ocarina. Self, 2010
  • - Akum, Fredrik. SS2012. Self, 2012
  • - Arancio, Salvatore. Selected Works from 2006 to 2011. Innen, 2011
  • - Billas, Thomas. How to make it without ikea. plus-tôt te laat & T. Billas, 2011
  • - Bustamante, Diego. Pelousse. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - Casaca, Filipe. Blue Mud Swamp. Self, 2012
  • - Cavers, Alisa. Understanding and Painting Abstract Art – how and why for artist, student and layman. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - Chuang, Che Wei. Black Figure. Innen, 2011
  • - Cora, Jose V. Nos estan ocupando la mesa. TD Papeles, 2011
  • - Doza, Enrique. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - Gass, William H. And. Silver Fern Press/Colophon, 2011
  • - Gábor, Roskó. Selected Works from 1998 to 2001. Innen, 2007
  • - Géza, Perneczky. The Dolphin Trio. Innen, 2011
  • - Hoogwaerts, Romke. Swimming in the Center of the Earth. Mossless, 2012
  • - Hurtig, Jacob. Roadtrip. Self, 2011
  • - Hurtig, Jacob. Sticker. Self, 2011
  • - Hurtig, Jacob. Untitled. Self, 2010
  • - Knape, Marja. Mowgly. Jarko, 2010
  • - Langdon, James. Pugin's Contrasts Rotated. Bedford Press, 2011
  • - Leo, Arvo & Michael Swaney. An after noon with Picasso. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - Lukas, Alex. UNDERNEATH PROVIDENCE Findings Thus Far, Volume 2. Self, 2012
  • - Lukas, Alex. UNDERNEATH PROVIDENCE Findings Thus Far. Self, 2008
  • - Mara, Olah. Selected Works from 1993 to 2010. Innen, 2011
  • - Millet, Alessandra. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - Pericàs, Gabriel. Fotos de cuñas. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - PUTPUT. Tribute to the Salami. PUTPUT, 2012
  • - Schildt, Jens. Hey Now! Silver Fern Press/Colophon, 2012
  • - Serrahima, Ariadna. Warsaw. TD Papeles, 2012
  • - Solymar, Martin. Karisma. Jarko, 2010
  • - Watanabe, Akiko. DOGOD. Innen, 2011
  • - Zavialoff, Alexis. Natën e Mirë! Innen, 2010
  • - Boullet, Victor. [Estate Of:] Kronos. Antenne Publishing, 2012
  • - Burtner, Emily. UNFUN 2. Self, 2012
  • - Harrsen, Maggie. KANOA. Self, 2012
  • - Kelley, Meggie. Dark Alcoves, Hidden Niches, and Cozy Corners. Oso Press, 2012
  • - Maycec. 24 NOVEMBRE DU MOIS DE JUIN. Self, 2012
  • - Maycec. I hope you love L.A. Self, 2012
  • - Maycec. sans titre et sans reproche 1. Self, 2012
  • - Seddon, Chris. In Conversation. Self, 2011
  • - Son. Incomplete Metamorphosis. Pogo Books, 2011
  • - Son. OCD. nos:books, 2012
  • - Tanai, Fumio. Nuclear City. Self, 2012
  • - Tanai, Fumio. Shades of Cities. Self, 2012

Images (more after the pop-up)

More here.

^ Fliers / bookmarks

2013 - Booklet Library at Utility Canvas, Tokyo, Japan


10月 13日 (Opening Party), 18:00 -
10月 14日 (Free!), 12:00-20:00

Sunday Issue
〒150-0002 東京都渋谷区渋谷 1-17-1 美竹野村ビル2F (Map)

10月13日(土)、14日(日)の2日間、Mount Zine, Zine Picnic, Booklet Library によって集められた大量の zine を一望できるイベント「SUNDAY BOOKS」を開催します。Zine というフィールドで異なった活動を続ける3団体がはじめてクロスオーバーする稀な機会です。皆様のご来場をお待ちしております。

13日(土)に今回のイベントを記念したオープニング・パーティーを開催します。セルフ・パブリッシャー、コレクターの方、ご興味をお持ちの方、どなたでもご来場頂けますので、是非ご参加下さい。*この日は、エントランスで1ドリンク(¥500、Beer +100)のご注文を頂きます。ご了承下さい。14日は無料です。

オープニングでは、エントランスフィーがあるので、Booklet がおまけを作ってお待ちしております。お楽しみに!

SUNDAY BOOKS is an event that gathers zines selected by three (zine-related) organizations that have been separately active in Tokyo: Mount Zine, Zine Picnic, and Booklet Library. It is the first collaborative exhibition between the three.

There will be an opening party for the event on the 13th. Sunday Issue requests a ¥500 cover (+100 for a beer); in lieu of the fee, we'll prepare some (FREE) party favors in booklet format.


Mount Zine is a distributor of small-press publications by Japanese authors based in Tokyo, Japan.

Zine Picnic (just that! trees, sunshine, grass, biru, chu-hi, onigiri v. zines) was founded by Kohei Oyama. He publishes and distributes the work of young photographers as parapera.

Booklet Library is the website you're surfing. Booklet's selection for Sunday Books will address recent repeaters.

Ryuto Miyake, the organizer of the event, works at Sunday Issue. He likes to draw--birds, specifically.


/ / pamphlets by Ryuto Miyake

Click ^ for more images

Titles / work included:

1%ofOne verlag - all recent contributions
airi - Sabaku
Alan Licht - Interview with Adris Hoyos*
Amy Fox*
Anna Gleeson (Ed.) - ha wan pao 1-3
Anne Lai - what tends apart
Authors ?? - Norikae
Aya Muto - Volvo
Chiara Raffo - Carnaval
Craig Atkinson - Someone Else's Wedding
David Potes - Saturn Return
edition fink, all titles
Emily Burtner - Composition
Haris Epaminonda - Images
Haruna Sato - Ichi No Hi 1-3
Hobbyist 1-2
Jason Roberts Dobrin - Rivers
Jian Wei Lim - Places Inbetween
Jessica Williams - Diary
Jonathan Storm - Old Dark
Joseph Hart - Provisional Arrangements
Judith Erwes - Imitation of Lives
Luke A.R. Hamblin -01. polaroids
Maggie Harrsen - KANOA*
Marianne van Loo*
Maximilian Rossner - II II V
Meggie Kelley Dark Alcoves, Hidden Niches, ...
Michela Heim - Anteroom
Mitsu Sucks - Poland Envy, Board Envy
NSEW - Artist Postcards*
NSEW, Miniature Garden (Eds.) - Light*
Patrícia Almeida, David-Alexandre Gueniot - LWTUA
Paul Paper - all titles
Pere Sauger - Land Speak Record
Peter Sutherland - Final Bargain
Phil Brown - Urban Zoo
Pierre Hourquet - DIY Stool
Rosa McElheny, Hilary duPont - REAL NEWS
Shoboshobo - Aaron / Benjamin
Various Fires and Four Running Boys - Thomas Galler
Various Fires and MLK - Scott McCarney
Ye Rin Mok - all titles
youandmebaby - Report : Field Report & Iceland
Yuri Manabe - Ultimate Lezcation*
Zug Magazine 1-3

* to be documented

Friends titles will be included on Sunday Issue's shelves.

Party favors!
Ghosts by Kohei Oyama v. Booklet
Tokyo Potted Gardens Herbarium by Pierre Hourquet
Y O U by Ai Oeeeee
Men at Work by Yu Morishita


9月 21~23日 2012
Kyoto University & Tohoku University of Art & Design, Gaien Campus
1-7-15, Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061

Booklet Press のタイトルと素敵な友達たちのタイトルを持って参加致します。


More info:

We'll be there with BOOKLET titles and publications by our wonderful pals (titles imaged above)!

Please stop by and donate a zine to the library and/or show us some work you want to publish with us...

ZM pamphlet side A / B


6月 30日 2012; 15:00 - 16:30, 3F

7月 21日 2012; 13:30 - 15:00, 3F

PH EIGO is an English language course for photographers, an effort coordinated by Dan Abbe & Andrew Thorn, who collectively run PHTS. The class is developed to "help Japanese photographers communicate directly" with their foreign audience through language and effectuate discourse surrounding Japanese photography and its practice.

PH EIGO は、PHTS を運営をしている、Dan Abbe と Andrew Thorn による写真家の為の英語教室です。この教室は、日本の写真を取り巻く事柄について、議論を行う機会を提供するように準備されています。

You may use the Paypal links below to pay for the class in advance (highly encouraged!), or make other arrangements with Andrew & Dan on the PH Facebook Group.

教室の参加費は、事前に下の Paypal のリンクからお支払い頂くことをお勧め致します。もし Paypal をご利用されていない方は、PH のFacebook グループページから、Andrew か Dan に別途ご連絡頂けると幸いです。

Capacity: 10 people
Cost: ¥1500

ご相談・質問・不明な点があれば、info @ thephts.comまで連絡ください。

6 & 7


5月 19-20日 2012 / 13 - 18:00
Utility Canvas Tokyo
東京都世田谷区 北沢2-28-1 慶水ビル2F (Map)

H U Rを見逃した方は、是非、移動後初となる Utility Canvas でのポップアップにお越し下さい。

A Particular Kind of Heavy はBLに最近寄贈されたタイトルの中から、視覚的な相違を供給し、また要求するもの、文化(横断)的なもの、クリティカルな価値構造を提示するものを選び、展示します。展示する各タイトルに対するレビューを、ET AL., ETC. が執筆し、ブックレット(小冊子)にして無料でお配りします。


In the event that you can't make it to H U R, you can join us at Utility Canvas for a pop-up -- the first since the move!

A Particular Kind of Heavy is a selection from titles recently contributed to BL that supply and demand a visual, (cross-)cultural, and critical value structure. A booklet of reviews of each title, by ET AL., ETC., will be produced and made available free of charge.

Make time to take time to see the following work:

.....American Surfaces, Alex F. Webb lousy as I can, Pierre Hourquet
.....Berlin Wallride, D. Cooper, J. Shaw
..........v. Board Envy, Mitsu Sucks
.....Creeps II, Various authors
.....Disobedient Words: A User's Manual, Dirty
..........Literature catalogue (Electra)
.....Doubting No. 4, Martin Kohout (ed.)
.....Etium Vitae MMXII, Rob Brulinski & Alex Wein
.....The Event of Void, Francesco Sebregondi
.....Figure Ground Relationships within Membrane
, Patrick Sarmiento
.....First of the Month Vols. 1 & 2, Haruna Sato
.....How High is the City, Jeff Derksen
.....I am Julian Assange, Alex F. Webb & Lewis Chaplin
.....ichikawadaimon* & 28 pictures, Ye Rin Mok
.....In Other Words, OK-RM*
.....In the Garden of Revelation, Yan Y. Yan
.....index newspaper
.....Inorganica, Oliver Ogden
.....Junk Jet n°5, Various contributors, Mona Mahall
..........and Asli Serbest (eds.)
.....Lietuva, Paul Paper
.....Linear Manual, Martin Kohout (ed.)
.....Megalith, Panayiotis Terzis; Bad Stones, PT & Leon Sadler
.....New Planes Public Press, NPPP (music....)
.....Obituaries, Barter Age
.....Oceanus. A Tale of the Sea, Elisabeth Tonnard
.....Odd & Even, Elementary Geometry,
...............& Safarium, Lola Halifa LeGrand
.....One Year for Japan 2012, Laurence Vecten (ed.)*
.....Predicting Earthquakes: a scientific manual for the
..........forecasting of seismic activity, Matt Kennedy
.....Projekt: The Polish journal of visual art and design
..........(Unit 05), Charlotte West and Edgar Bak *
.....Punk is Dad, Jamie Johns
.....PWR PAPER #6, Rasmus Svensson and Hanna
..........Terese Nilsson (eds.)
.....A Rock of the Moon, Hiroshi Takizawa
.....Ruler #1, Ruler Magazine
.....1788 & Clippings about 2 centimeter, Masanao Hirayama
.....Shoppinghour Magazine*
.....The Short and the Long of It, Uriel Orlow
.....Signs, Ai Oe*
.....So Off You're On, Tayla Cooper
.....Sr. Dalton series (all 4), Flavio Affonso (ed.)
.....Suicide Notes, Laura-Marie Taylor
.....Superstitions, Jaana Davidjants
.....Trip to Europe, Emi Fukuyama
.....The Unlimited Edition, We Made That
.....Untitled, Silvino Mendonça
.....Various Fires & MLK, Scott McCarney
.....Verities Magazine
.....What's Jappening to Me?, Mark Drew
.....White Night Before A Manifesto (OMP18.3), Metahaven

5月 19-20日 2011 / 13 - 20:00

/ Verso

1 Refer to Ruscha's APKH, 1983.
* to be posted to the website

List is subject to revision.

A Particular Kind of Heavy, Utility Canvas, Tokyo, Japan
A Particular Kind of Heavy (reviews/guide); 16 p, 13 x 18cm, リソグラフとレーザープリント、ステープルバウンド、/60~; 執筆:ET AL., ETC. (risograph and/or laser printed, staple bound, /60~; writing by EY & YM); Text in Japanese, produced by Booklet Press.

Additional images of the publication are here.

If you need a copy of the publication, be in touch or stop by SH.

TOP OF PAGE / See more Utility Canvas pop-ups

6月 9日 2012; 13:30 - 15:00, 1F

PH EIGO is an English language course for photographers, an effort coordinated by Dan Abbe & Andrew Thorn, who collectively run PHTS. The class is geared toward photographers and photography enthusiasts alike.

The beginner and intermediate levels will be held together in the month of June.

Time: 13:30 - 15:00
Cost: ¥1500

PH EIGOは写真家の為の英語教室です。写真や写真集を見ながら練習しましょう。最初のセッションです。レベル二つありますから一つを選んでください。

Join the Facebook Group / RSVP: ✌5.....


(Happy Hour); No. 1; 5月 15日 2012
18:00~20:00; Shibaura House 1F (Map)

"Happy Hour" /「ハッピーアワー」

夕暮れの仕事や勉学の後、すぐに帰路につくのではなく、公園のような場所に立ち止まり、ビールかソフトドリンクを片手に、いつもは聞かないような話に耳を傾け、となりの人と挨拶を交わす。そんな余裕をいかがですか?「ハッピーアワー」は、月に一度、BOOKLET LIBRARYがゲストをお招きし、SHIBAURA HOUSEとともに、いつもとは少々異なる夕暮れの時間をつくり、これからの社会や文化の在り方を、皆様と一緒に考え、共有する時間です。このイベントは、どなたでも無料でご参加頂けます。お飲みものは、SHIBAURA HOUSE よりお求め頂けます。どうぞお気軽にお立ち寄り下さい。

No.1; 2012年5月15日


SHに常設展示しているBOOKLET LIBRARYについて、スタッフがその活動目的と経緯、ブックレットとはそもそも何かについて、お話致します。 また、今月寄贈頂いたブックレットについて、その解説も致します。


「文化生産:Cultural Production」という言葉は、学問的には使われてきましたが、まだ一般に使われる言葉ではありません。

DJ: Clemens Büttner (日本古典建築音響研究者)

Join us for Happy Hour!

H ☺ U R will be held once a month at Shibaura House to facilitate public discussion on cultural production. You're free to supply your thoughts, brainwaves, and words to further the discussion. Booklet Library staffer Yu Morishita will be the talking head for the first of the series. Contact us if you'd like to be the next! The event is free, beers and drinks will be served. The talk will be held in Japanese.*

No.1, May 15th, 2012

Part 1 (18:15~18:35) - "Welcome to Booklet Library"
Short talk-off on the intent of Booklet Library and the culture, visual and not, surrounding booklets with impromptu reviews of some of the newest contributions to Booklet Library.

Part 2 (18:40~19:00)- "Cultural Production?"
What is cultural production? What form does it assume in Japan?
Despite its mention in academia, why does it remain ignored in the public sphere?
What is culture that is productive? Whose value system is it anyway?
What is cultural production as a thread toward social innovation?

Beats by / DJ: Clemens Büttner (Researcher on Acoustics of Classical Architecture)

* Find Yu Morishita after to talk for a re-cap in English!

See Yu / See you!


5月 12日 2012; 13:30 - 17:00, 1F

5月 26日 2012; 13:30 - 17:00, 3F (third floor)


PH EIGO is an English language course for photographers, an effort coordinated by Dan Abbe & Andrew Thorn. They will teach English using photography and images.

Two levels are available on the 12th and 26th:

Beginner Level: 13:30 - 15:00
Intermediate level: 15:30 - 17:00
Cost: ¥1500

PH EIGOは写真家の為の英語教室です。写真や写真集を見ながら練習しましょう。最初のセッションです。レベル二つありますから一つを選んでください。

Facebook RSVP: ✌3 ... ✌4



4月 28日 2012; 13:30 - 17:00

東京都港区芝浦3-15-4 〒108-0023 (Map)
3-15-4 Shibaura; Minato-ku, Tokyo

PH EIGO is an English language course for photographers, an effort coordinated by Dan Abbe & Andrew Thorn. They will teach English using photography and images.

This is the second session at Shibaura House. Two levels are available on Saturday:

Beginner Level: 13:30 - 15:00
Intermediate level: 15:30 - 17:00
Cost: ¥1500

PH EIGOは写真家の為の英語教室です。写真や写真集を見ながら練習しましょう。最初のセッションです。レベル二つありますから一つを選んでください。

Facebook RSVP / Group:

RECAP (via Dan Abbe):

「ビギナー向けのクラスでは、現在完了形について話しました。皆さんには一つの行動を計画している時、実行している時、そして終了した時の3つの写真を持参して頂きました。中級クラスでは、ドキュメンタリー的な写真の伝統に対し挑戦をしているスイスの写真家、Taiyo Onorato と Nico Krebs の作品について話し合いました。Onorato と Krebs は写真における真実ということに関して疑問を抱いていますが、皆さんにはこの点に関して、自身の作品のことを考慮しながら、各自の考えを述べて頂きました。」

"In the beginner's class, we talked about the present perfect tense. Students brought in three photos, showing a single action in the stages of planning, doing and completion. In the intermediate class, we discussed the work of Swiss photographers Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs, whose work challenges the tradition of documentary photography. Onorato and Krebs are skeptical about the value of truth in photography, and students reacted to this position, taking their own work into account."


4月 7日 2012; 13:30 - 17:00

東京都港区芝浦3-15-4 〒108-0023 (Map)
3-15-4 Shibaura; Minato-ku, Tokyo

PH EIGO is an English language course for photographers, an effort coordinated by Dan Abbe & Andrew Thorn. They will teach English using photography and images.

This is their first session at Shibaura House. Two levels are available on Saturday:

Beginner Level: 13:30 - 15:00
Intermediate level: 15:30 - 17:00
Cost: ¥1500

PH EIGOは写真家の為の英語教室です。写真や写真集を見ながら練習しましょう。最初のセッションです。レベル二つありますから一つを選んでください。

Facebook RSVP:


2月 25日 2012; 13-17:00

東京都港区芝浦3-15-4 〒108-0023 (Map)
3-15-4 Shibaura; Minato-ku, Tokyo

Megawords Magazine Issue 17 のリリースを彼らが東京にいる間に行います!25日は Anthony と Dan に会いに是非お越し下さい。彼らの最も新しい Issue 17 を無料でお配りしております。普段とは少々異なった趣きで作られた冊子を是非見に来て下さい。

「Megawords は自主出版された写真雑誌とそれに伴うインスタレーション、及びパブリックイベントを通した実験的なメディアプロジェクトです。私達は商業がもたらすノイズや競争本位のノベルティーから解放された意思の在り方を、私たちの身の回りとそこで起きる体験の記録を通して示すことにより、コミュニティーとの間にオープンで活発なダイアローグを作っていくという、シンプルな目的を持ち活動しています。」

Booklet Library はそのコレクションを介した SHIBAURA HOUSE における公共プログラムです。展示に関するアイデアや展示の為のサポートについてご連絡下さい。


We're pleased to announce Megaword Magazine's Issue 17 Release while they're in Tokyo. Stop by to meet them (Anthony and Dan) on the 25th and obtain a copy of their newest issue, which will be available free of charge. See about something different!

"Megawords is an experimental media project that takes the form of an independently published photography magazine and related installation projects and public events. Through our work we create an ongoing narrative that examines daily life in cities through the documentation of our surroundings and experience, with a voice free from commercialization and competing novelties."

Booklet Library is public programming for Shibaura House while the collection is there -- get in contact with us with exhibition ideas or for exhibition support.


2月 18日 2012; Launch: 19:-22:00

東京都港区芝浦3-15-4 〒108-0023(Map)
3-15-4 Shibaura; Minato-ku, Tokyo

Music by uccelli, beers at 7pm!

(ENG) Booklet Library は常設の為、移転いたします。

新しい場所での公開イベント、PUBLICITY にご参加下さい。

16メートルほどの新しい本棚に、もっとも最近 Library に寄贈いただいた Zine と小規模出版から順に展示致します。 Friends of the Booklet Library に賛同いただき、私達のサポートをしてくださっている作者と出版社のタイトルを購入して頂くこともできます。 

Andres Monzon、 Yuta Nakajima、 Jesen Tanadi (with Tom Ngo、Catrina Stewart、Olalekan Jeyifous、Perry Kulper)、 そして Almin Prsic による私たち自身の新しい出版タイトルも発表いたします。


東京において、いつもとは少々異なる視覚的な表現をお見せしている Booklet Library をよりパブリックにリソースとしてオープンできることを、大変喜ばしく思っております。18日は是非ご参加下さい。もし小規模のタイトルを出版、制作なさっていましたら、18日に是非寄贈いただき、長い棚の一部にご参加頂ければと思います。

Shibaura House の伊東様、横川様には特別感謝いたします!

Booklet Library is moving ...
Please join us for the launch, PUBLICITY, at the library's new location.

16+ meters of new shelving will be filled with zines and small press publications from the Library, starting with the most recent contributions. Select titles will be made available for purchase courtesy of the authors and publishers supporting us as Friends of the Booklet Library.

After the launch, 100~ of the newest contributions will be always be available on the 1.5 FL mezzanine...

at the same times listed above. Appointments for other titles may also be fulfilled there and then.

We're pleased that Booklet Library can be (more) open to the public in support of visual difference, so please join us on the 18th! If you publish/produce small press titles, please feel free to contribute a title and add it to the length of shelves.

Authors / publishers included:*
½, 1% of One Verlag titles, 2HB, Aidan Koch, Alex Wrekk, Alexander Alekseenko, Alison Balance, Andrea Stultiens, Andreas Schmidt, Andrew Kiddie, Anna Barham, Anna Sailamaa, Ariel Martín Pérez, Bakkal Press titles, Bedford Press titles, Benjamin Critton, Booklet Press titles, Brandon Fonville, Bridgette Ashton, Bryan Dooley, Casey Orr, Casual Living, Champneys Taylor, Charlie Hillhouse, Chloé Maratta, Chris Hopkins and Emi Ueoka, Copyshop & Album, Daisuke Ichiba, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Daniel Wong & Phaedra Longhurst, , Edward Newton (to be indexed), Emily Burtner, Engawa, Enrique Bader, Eric Marth titles, Erik Lindman, Financially Hard Times, Folio Magazine, Frei, Glashaus publications, Gosia Machon, Hamburger Eyes titles, Hands on Papers, Harry McCausland, Harsh Patel, Himaa, Hot Paper, Ian Lynam / Wordshape, Igor Termenon, Institute of Critical Zoologists, Izumi Suzuki, Jakko Pallasvuo, Joe Cooke, Josef Konczak, Kevin Malcolm, Lacey Prpric Hedtke, Leonardo Amico, Lindman / Yago / Olivares, Lola Halifa LeGrand, Mai Chaya (to be indexed), Marti Anson, Martin Brink, Martin Seeds, Maximillian Rossner, Medium Rare titles, Megawords, Mengxi Zhang & Bruno Zhu, Metahaven, Michiel Burger, Mike Martinez, Monitor Publishing titles, Museums Press titles, Nat Koyama, Nemanja Knežević, Nickolas Mohanna titles, No Thoughts, Nobuyoshi Takagi, NSEW titles, Oliver Ogden, OSO titles, Outlandish Photography, Pablo Hare, Pascal Anders, Patrick Tsai, Paul Paper, Pete Watts titles, Pierre Huyghe , Plomo Zine, Pogo Books titles, Post-Production titles, PWR, Reading Material, Risografia, Rollo Press, Russell Walker, Sacha Maric, Sara McNeil, Sasha Kurmaz, Save As Publications, Scott McCarney, Selim Sume, Seth Fluker, Sevim Sancaktar, Smoke Collective, Susie Wright, Synchrodogs, Tammy Mercure, Terhi Ekebom, Tero Niskanen, The Velvet Cell titles, They Magazine, Thomas Hilliker, ThroatArt, Timo Vaittinen, Timothee Huguet, Todd Walker, Tugitu, Tuomas Korpijaakko, Untitled Magazine (to be indexed), Verities, Whatever Press, William Teakle, Young, Fresh, and Relevant, Yuta Nakajima

* Alphabetical by first, publisher, or collective name; titles were organized by category or publisher. This list may be incomplete.

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